SMP Scalp Micropigmentation


SMP Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation is an advanced and innovative solution that creates the illusion of fuller hair. SMP treatment includes adding pigment to the scalp that imitate hair stubbles to add the appearance of density to to thinning hair, camouflage scars, and/or restore a natural-looking hairline.

Even those who are completely bald or suffer from alopecia can enjoy the illusion of a full head of hair that can boost your confidence and even make you look younger.

Our highly trained and certified Scalp Micropigmentation technicians use different sized needles to match your natural hair follicle size and high quality pigment to match your natural skin tone.


Step 1: Consultation and analyze your hair line and concerns.

Step 2: Map out treatment area (each drawing is tailored to meet each client’s needs and specifications)

Step 3: Procedure starts (there is no need for numbing as we don’t go that deep)

Procedure time: Approximately 3 hours

Step 4: Color Boost sessions

We suggest the first color boost session to be approximately 2 weeks after the initial session.

Second color boost session is scheduled at 2 months after the second session.

Some clients then will schedule color boost sessions when ink starts to fade (this is dependent on each client’s after care and metabolism.

SMP Scalp Micropigmentation